Prospective lab members:

I recently moved to Leipzig, to start a new department at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. So new positions and PhD opportunities will be available there.

Current lab members:

Karl Frost: PhD candidate, Ecology; gene-culture coevolution, coevolution of institutions and cooperation, esp. in context of religion. Doing fieldwork in Canada among First Nations.

Nicole Naar: PhD candidate, Anthropology; human behavioral ecology, cultural evolution, and resource use.

Brendan Barrett: PhD candidate, Animal Behavior; social learning and behavioral traditions, esp. in non-human primates

Tom Flamson: Post-doctoral researcher; fieldwork in Brazil; signaling theory, social assortment, evolution of humor

Katrina Brock: PhD student, Animal Behavior (starting Fall 2014).

Former lab members:

Paul Smaldino: Post-doctoral researcher; models, complex dynamics, evolution of cooperation, and generally awesome at anything conceptually difficult.

John Bunce: Post-doctoral researcher; fieldwork among Matsigenka of the Peruvian Amazon, focusing on processes of ethnic contact and the maintenance of local knowledge. Now at Indiana, Bloomington.

Ryan Baldini: PhD Ecology 2014; cultural dynamics and cultural evolution, human evolution. Starting a post-doc at Stanford.

Kari Schroeder: Post-doctoral researcher; human genetic variation, coevolution of personality and cooperation in humans.

Matt Zefferman (nee Zimmerman): Post-doc at NIMbioS. PhD Ecology 2013; cultural dynamics and cultural evolution, warfare and the evolution of cooperation, mathematical models of large-scale political dynamics.

Parry Clarke (deceased): primate sociobiology and socioecology, mating and reproductive tactics, reciprocity, statistical methodology, game theoretic models.

Timothy Waring: Assistant Professor, School of Economics, UMaine: management of natural resources, cultural diversity and cooperation, management of invasive species, cultural dynamics and cultural evolution.

Adrian V Bell: Lecturer, Anthropology, Utah; cultural dynamics and cultural evolution, social learning and cultural diversity, cultural group selection, theoretical evolutionary ecology. Visiting asst professor, Utah.

Kristin Rauch: PhD 2012, Anthropology; social dominance, esp. in North America and with respect to racial politics; assortative mating.

Katie Demps: PhD 2012, Anthropology; cultural dynamics and cultural transmission, foraging and health, religious conversion, India and South America. Now visiting asst professor at Boise.

Bret Beheim: PhD 2012, Ecology; cultural dynamics and cultural evolution, evolution of institutions, cultural macro-evolution, Japan and China. Now post-doc at UNM, Tsimane Health and Life History Project.

Vicken Hillis: PhD 2012, Ecology; cultural dynamics and cultural evolution, social learning and resource management.