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Richard McElreath
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Other researchers are out there writing books about the wonder of science, capturing the imagination of the public, inspiring the thinkers that will secure our species just and sustainable future. Meanwhile, I am telling anyone who will listen that, if we are very careful and try very hard, we might not completely mislead ourselves.

Statistical Rethinking

My textbook on Bayesian data analysis and causal inference is in its 2nd edition. See the publisher website for the print edition. Below are the various code translations of the book examples, as well links to the video lectures and course materials.

I am working on a 3rd edition, but it is a not coming out right away. Here is an outline of changes. I will update this page when there is a tentative publication date.

Chapters 1 and 2 sample PDF

Most recent lectures and course materials: Rethinking2024

Code translations: